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Need to fell trees or cut back over grown hedges? Need professional help with seasonal pruning? Tree surgery Herefordshire offers a range of garden and arboreal services, taking care of all your green-fingered needs. Need help maintaining your garden or suspect your trees may be under parasitic attack? We can help you find the best Herefordshire tree surgery specialists at a price to suit your budget.

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what is tree surgery?

What is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery involves a variety of garden, particularly tree related, services. Officially known as arboriculture, tree surgery involves the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs, vines and various woody plants. It is both a science and practice, an in-depth study of how the plants grow and respond to their environment. It also involves risk management, aesthetic considerations and all legal issues concerning trees in private gardens, urban parks and recreational woodland areas.

Reasons to Consider Tree Surgery

Tree surgery encompasses several different beneficial services. In some cases, it's designed to improve aesthetic appeal by shaping and trimming trees. In others, it's more about safety - such as when tree surgeons remove large branches above your home or cut large dead limbs from trees before they have a chance to fall. When you are concerned about a branch hanging perilously above your home, limbs that could break free, or even twigs and leaves falling in your neighbour's garden, tree surgery is the solution.

reasons to consider Herefordshire tree surgery
tree surgery services offered

Typical Tree Surgery Services

Tree surgery typically includes the following services:

  • Crown shaping and reduction
  • Crown thinning and lifting
  • Tree felling or sectional dismantling
  • Dead wooding and disease treatment
  • Pollarding
  • Hedge and shrub trimming (including tree/hedge/shrub sculpting)
  • Seasonal pruning and planting advice
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Site clearance

Additional Service

All wood waste and garden detritus is usually removed from the site as part of a Herefordshire tree surgery service. Garden debris can be left on site if requested. An increasingly popular service includes the preparation and stockpiling of firewood. With the rising cost of fuel, some felled trees can be prepared for firewood. Be sure to ask your local tree surgery company for information about this option.

additional services offered by Herefordshire tree surgeons

Clearing Tree Limbs from Power Lines

When it comes to clearing tree limbs that are growing through power lines, there’s a lot to consider. The industry maintains standards for clearance. For example, for voltages less than 33kV, power lines should have a clearance of three meters from branches large enough to support an adult’s weight, and a clearance of 0.8 meters from a branch that could not support an adult’s weight. These distances and guidelines can be difficult to gauge, and that’s why it’s vital to contact a professional who is familiar with them.

tree surgery health and safety

Tree Surgery Health and Safety

Prior to starting work on any garden project, tree surgery Herefordshire requires specific safety measures to be put in place. Risk assessment must be conducted prior to starting any work. The proximity of power lines and the potential danger to public safety and property needs to be assessed before any work can be carried out. All Herefordshire tree surgeons should come fully equipped with safety wear and equipment as well as first aid kits. Tree felling escape route protocols should also be established prior to starting any work.

Herefordshire Tree Surgery Costs

The cost of tree surgery depends on several factors: the time of year, the size of project and the extent of the labour involved. This can all have an affect on the cost of the services. Disease treatment may also have an affect on the cost as parasite control may involve the use of pricey insecticides. The larger the garden, the more extensive the tree surgery requirements and the longer the job takes, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Herefordshire tree surgery costs

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Not All Landscaping Companies Can Perform Tree Surgery

Tree surgery can be a dangerous undertaking, and in many places, those who do the work are required to have very specific licenses and certifications. Not all landscaping companies have the right qualifications, so it’s important to make sure you’re hiring a company with the right knowledge and expertise to perform surgery on your trees safely. After all, the last thing you want is damage to your home or property. That’s why filling out the form for multiple quotes from local tree surgeons is a great idea. You can rest comfortably in the knowledge that you’ll be contacted by companies with the experience and qualifications needed to do the job right - and safely.

The Dangers of DIY

Tree surgery is best left to the professionals. Tree surgery requires specialised arboreal knowledge and the use of potentially hazardous tools and chemicals. Working at extreme elevations in awkward positions at the top of ladders with equipment like chainsaws and toxic insecticides can be extremely dangerous. We can help you save money by hiring the right specialists for the job at a price to suit your budget so you don't have to risk life and limb cutting down trees.

dangers of DIY tree surgery

Your Herefordshire Tree Surgery Questions Answered

In many cases, tree surgeons are able to save a tree that might otherwise have to be felled.

This will depend on the exact procedure being performed, but a typical surgery is normally several hours in duration.

The cost of tree surgery will vary depending on the type of surgery that needs to be performed, whether the tree is dangerous, and if there are any disposal fees. Costs will start at around £250.

No, all types of commonly growing trees can benefit from having dead or dying branches removed. This includes fruit bearing trees and other decorative trees, especially those that grow large.

Tree surgeries are very complex procedures that may involve repairing or removing broken branches or hollowing out damaged tree cavities. Certain areas of the tree may also be treated to eliminate fungus or bacteria.

There's a significant difference between a tree trimmer and a tree surgeon. While a tree trimmer can remove limbs and prune trees, a tree surgeon has the knowledge and experiences to provide a range of services, whether you need basic trimming or you need a large, dead tree felled.

In the United Kingdom, DNOs, or District Network Operators, will often pay for the removal of branches in violation of clearance guidelines at their own expense. If this is the case, the DNOs will contact you prior to carrying out the work. You can also contact your local DNO if you have branches growing into power lines.

If you opt to have the tree surgeons haul away any materials left behind after tree surgery, you will typically incur additional charges. If you live in a rural area, or if you have a woodstove, you may be able to chop larger parts of the tree and use it as firewood, which may actually benefit your family. Check with your local government for burn laws.

It is not recommended that any form be performed in a DIY capacity, as this can either result in you becoming seriously injured by falling branches or even having parts of your property damaged beyond repair. Insurance companies will usually also not pay out for property damage if tree work has not been performed by a professional.

After you have received up to four quotes from our network of approved tree surgeons, you will not normally have to wait longer than a few days at the most for your chosen one to attend to you. When any of our approved network get in touch with you, they will be able to let you know how soon they can be at your property.

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19 Jun Tree Surgery

Would like to find out how much it would cost to either save or remove a blossom tree that has now split and is hanging over our fence. Please contact asap.

19 Jun Dead Tree

We have a dead oak tree at the bottom of our garden that we think might be at risk of toppling. Think we need expert advice on what to do with it?

19 Jun Tree Assessment

There are 4 trees in my backyard that appear unhealthy to me. I believe they may require some attention. Please offer a quote for evaluation any services.

18 Jun Diseased Tree?

I'm pretty positive a tree in my garden has a disease. I need someone to take a look at it with a view to trying to save it. How much will this cost?

18 Jun Tree Removal

We've been advised to have a tree in our back garden felled as it poses a potential risk to the public (it overhangs a pavement). Could we please get some quotes and timescales for the work.