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Is your garden turning into an overgrown jungle of low hanging trees and unruly shrubs? Need to prune, fell or have tree stumps removed? Tree surgeons Herefordshire offer a range of arboreal services, taking care of all your tree-related needs. Need to call in the professionals to help get your garden under control? Suspect your trees may be under attack from parasites? We can help you find the best tree surgeons at a price to suit your budget.

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what is a tree surgeon?

What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon, often called an arborist, is a trained specialist with in-depth knowledge of the cultivation, management and study of trees, including shrubs and vines. Tree surgeons concentrate on the health and safety of individual trees found in domestic gardens, commercial gardens or urban parks rather than wild woodland and cultivated forests. Tree surgeons Herefordshire offer services related to a variety of issues such as garden landscaping and tree planting, lightning protection, invasive plant species and parasite problems.

Experience is a Must

While it's true that some people have a natural knack for trimming and pruning trees, a tree surgeon can do much more. He or she can help support a tree that has been damaged by the wind, remove dead branches, fell trees, or even stop the spread of diseases that are common in your local area. That's why it's important for you to hire a tree surgeon who is knowledgeable, professional, and above all else, experienced. Those years of experience will be evident with every service performed.

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Herefordshire tree surgeon costs

Herefordshire Tree Surgeon Costs

Costs of tree surgery can depend on the season as well as the size of the project and the labour involved. Affordable garden maintenance plans are also available, helping you keep your garden looking its best all year round. Regardless of the size of the project, we'll help you find the best services at the lowest prices.

Typical Tree Surgeon Services

Tree surgeons are here to help you maintain your garden regardless of its size and regardless of how many trees are on your property. Tree surgeons aim to keep your shrubs and trees in the best condition possible. Common tree surgery services include the reduction of unwanted growth and low hanging branches, felling unwanted trees, foliage thinning, stump removal, crown lifting, hedging, seasonal pruning, pollarding, dead wooding and garden debris removal. Some services may cost more than others.

typical services by Herefordshire tree surgeons

Most Common Tasks for Tree Surgeons

Although tree surgeons perform a variety of tasks on the job, they do the following most often:

  • Felling trees that may pose a danger to personal or public property;
  • Removing dead limbs that could fall on homes or public roadways;
  • Treating diseased trees that may die without the proper care;
  • Trimming trees away from homes to prevent damage; and
  • Bracing trees rooted in saturated ground to prevent them from falling until the ground solidifies and the roots gain better hold.
dead wooding and disease treatment

Dead Wooding and Disease Treatment

Older trees tend to have dead wood - sections of foliage, including branches, which die back over time. This dead wood is usually easily removed without causing any harm to the healthy tree. Dead wood is often also a symptom of disease or infestation. Tree surgeon Herefordshire specialists will study your affected trees to discover the problem, be it disease or parasitic infestation. Upon diagnosis, disease treatment often includes using nutrient enhanced soil fertilizers or injecting the required nutrients directly into the tree.

Tree Parasites

If you suspect your trees may be infected with parasites, you should call in the professionals. Tree surgeons will diagnose the problem by identifying the type of insect. Some tree-boring bugs can be removed using insecticides. These chemicals need to be specially applied to minimise damage to the living tree and surrounding plants. Some parasitic plants can be removed from the living tree trunk without causing further damage. In extreme cases, the infected tree may need to be felled.

treatment of tree parasites

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Education and Experience Requirements for Tree Surgeons

According to the National Careers Service website, there are no set requirements involved in becoming a tree surgeon. However, these individuals are valued for their experience and reputation, so most of the best tree surgeons in the UK have worked in similar professions for years. Experience in landscaping and as an arborist are highly valued in this profession, as is working knowledge of local guidelines and laws for proper clearance between trees, power lines, pavements, streets, and more.

Dangers of DIY

Tree surgery is best left to the professionals. Working at extreme elevations perched in awkward positions at the top of ladders with chainsaws and insecticides is extremely dangerous. Professional Herefordshire tree surgeons come fully equipped in accordance with local safety regulations. Trying to cut costs? We can help you save money by hiring the right specialists for the job.

hire an expert tree surgeon due to dangers

Your Herefordshire tree surgeon questions answered

They ensure the health of trees by bracing, pruning, or repairing ones that have been diseased or damaged.

While education is not mandatory, most tree surgeons nonetheless have at least at Bachelor's degree; some will even go on to obtain a Master's degree.

A tree surgeon should be called if you notice any dead or dying branches in your trees, or any indication that the roots are dying. This could be the tree leaning, or any upheaval in the soil around the base of the tree.

This will depend on the individual details of the job. The size of the tree, the area the tree is located in, and whether or not it is putting any building at risk are all factors in the price. Most will start at about £200 and go up from there.

Tree pruners are primarily concerned with shaping a tree to enhance its appearance or allow for good airflow. Tree surgeons work to ensure the health of the tree by treating diseases and taking measures to keep them from spreading.

No matter where you live in Herefordshire, there is a tree surgeon standing by to help you accomplish your goals. This includes anything from simple pruning to complicated felling, and everything in between.

With the right experience and knowledge, anyone can become a competent tree surgeon. There is a significant amount of physical labour involved in the profession, however.

In most cases, they will not charge you to come to your home or property and evaluate a potential problem. In fact, they can often provide more accurate quotes this way.

When dealing with our network of arborists, you will most likely receive at least a few quotes on the same day you place your request with us. The amount of time it will take for them to arrive at your property will depend on how many clients they have to deal with ahead of you and whether any emergency callouts arise or not.

In most cases, this is not recommended because of the high risk of injury. You may also not know what to do to save a particular tree that has been infected with parasites. Instead, it is recommended that you chat with our professional network. They will be able to advise you which course of action will be recommended to save a particular tree.

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We are in need of tree surgeons to inspect and treat our small pear grove on our property. Can you please provide a quote for this type of project?

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