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You may have noticed that a tree in your garden looks diseased or dying and wonder if it may pose a hazard to the home or the public walking near it. Chances are it could be posing a hazard and it is time to consider a tree felling Herefordshire service. Professional, approved tree surgeons can offer solutions to potentially dangerous trees.

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Free Quotes for Tree Services

Free quotes for a number of reputable tree felling Herefordshire services are available via our free service. A few clicks of the mouse will result in contact from licensed tree surgeons that can evaluate a precarious tree and determine a course of action as well as a price for the service. Problems such as disease, rot, decay and storm damage often result in a need for tree felling services. Tree surgeons skilled at felling trees are able to provide verifiable references that may be easily checked by prospective customers.

Herefordshire Tree Felling Costs

The position of the tree and the degree of damage or decay typically affects the price of the service. For example, when a tree is close to a home, building or other structure, it must be felled in sections to avoid damage to the surrounding property. Dismantling the tree in sections is typically the best solution in such a situation, and there are specific costs involved with Herefordshire tree felling in sections. In contrast, when a tree is not located near any structures and poses no threat to the surrounding area, it may be straight felled with guided pulling ropes. There is a different cost associated with straight felling.

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When Must a Tree be Felled?

There are a few situations in which felling a tree is a good idea. First, you should always fell dead trees, especially if they are near your home or other structures. Dead trees are weaker than their live counterparts, and a strong gust of wind could prove disastrous. Another good example involves diseased or damaged trees that cannot be saved. Diseases can spread from one tree to the next, and a damaged tree often becomes a dead one. A good Herefordshire arborist can tell you whether it's possible to save the tree.

What to Look for in a Tree Surgeon

It is important that a tree surgeon possesses and is able to produce upon request a current and valid tree felling license. The tree felling specialists on our network are licensed, reputable and able to perform services in Herefordshire and around the surrounding areas. It is also important that a tree surgeon perform a thorough check of the tree in question and the surrounding area to determine the safest method of felling the tree and to give the customer a final quote for the work. In addition, tree surgeons will come prepared with all equipment necessary to complete the job.

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Getting a Second Opinion

If a contractor advises you to fell a tree before it causes significant damage to your home or property, you may be tempted to get a second opinion from another tree surgeon which is where our service comes in. This is advisable in many situations, especially if the tree is an old growth that provides ample shade during the warmer months. Losing such a tree could be detrimental to the aesthetic appeal of your property, and it may even increase your energy bills. A qualified tree surgeon may even be able to offer you other potential solutions prior to resorting to felling the tree.

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Saving the Tree if Possible

Trees are important to the environment as they offer aesthetic beauty, provide homes for local animals and in some cases fruit, nuts and other foods for people. Our Herefordshire tree felling experts are dedicated to saving sick trees when possible. If there is a chance that the rotted part of the tree can be pruned away, or the tree’s disease can be eradicated, they will take that course of action rather than fell the tree. The most important thing is to make sure the tree poses no threat to people, homes, buildings and other property. Professionals possess the knowledge necessary to determine whether or not a tree can be saved.

Tree Debris Removal

Tree surgeons can remove felled trees from your property for an additional charge. Often, they’ll use wood chippers to take care of smaller limbs and branches, then use chainsaws to cut the trunk and larger limbs into more manageable pieces they can haul away in trucks. This adds additional work for the surgeons, and there are some fuel costs involved, so the costs associated with debris removal may be substantial depending on the size of the tree. Of course, you may also choose to chop and dispose of the tree yourself; just check local regulations and laws before burning the debris.

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Why not do it Yourself?

Bringing a tree down, particularly a large one, is more difficult than it looks. Tree felling Herefordshire experts are trained and skilled in successfully dealing with all dangers surrounding the felling of a tree. There is tremendous danger for injury to people, property and buildings when an unskilled individual with inferior equipment attempts to take down a tree without professional help. The best way to handle a potentially dangerous tree is to receive quotes and advice from a number of our tree felling companies. Protecting homeowners, neighbours and property is worth the cost of hiring an experienced tree surgeon to handle the job.

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Your Herefordshire tree felling questions answered

The safety of people, protection of property and disposal of the tree are all important things to consider.

Yes, trees can be felled, even when they are close to other structures. In these instances, it may be necessary to take the tree down in smaller sections rather than chopping the whole thing down at once.

When felling a tree, the aim is to do everything possible to prevent the tree from doing any property damage. If it is in a compromising area, the tree surgeon can remove the tree a section at a time starting from the top.

Tree felling can be handled by specialised companies, but in general, if you need a tree taken down, the best person to call is your local tree surgeon. They will be the best equipped to handle any trees that need to be removed.

There is a risk of injury, even when felling a very small tree. You could also do extensive property damage if you do not fell a tree properly. We recommend using an affordable Herefordshire professional from our extended network instead.

It seems amazing that tree surgeons can bring down a giant tree safely, but they have extensive training and experience that allows them to do just that. In most cases, they'll cut the tree down and use a system of guide ropes to ensure a controlled fall. If this is too dangerous, tree surgeons will remove the tree sections at a time.

You should ask each individual company about its policies when it comes to damage caused by mistakes or negligence, and you should always get a copy of that policy in writing before agreeing to hire a contractor. While damage of this nature is rare, it’s always best to be prepared.

This depends on the company you select. Though stump removal is typically a separate service – and charged separately, as well – some companies bundle these services and provide discounts if you opt for stump removal at the same time. Make sure you put stump removal service in your quote request form for the most accurate results.

In some cases, it can be costly. This is especially true when the trees concerned are excessively large or where they may be growing over buildings. Our network of professionals will provide you with a quote before getting started though.

Yes, tree fellers know which equipment will be best to work with when dealing with trees on your property.

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Example Tree Felling Requests

19 Jun Tree Felling

There are three conifers in our back garden that we would like removed. Approximately 20ft in height, and would also like any remaining stumps removed too.

19 Jun Boundary Removal

Having purchased new land beyond our garden, we would like quotes for the removal of the current boundary trees and large hedgerow please.

19 Jun Dangerous Tree

There is a large elm tree that is dangerously close to my house. It does not appear to be in good health. I fear the root system is unhealthy due to the proximity to the house. Please can you inspect the tree and give me a quote for tree felling services?

18 Jun Lightning Strike

A tree in my garden was struck by lightning last week and now I need tree felling done to remove the tree. How much should I expect this to cost? Thanks.