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Summer is the time when days are longer, and the weather is nicer. This means bbqs, trips to the beach, and lazy days lounging in a hammock. It also means it's time to do regular garden work. Doing Herefordshire lawn care can detract from your Summer plans - spend more time enjoying yourself and less time sweating in the heat by partnering with one of our professionals.

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When it comes to lawn care, our specialists can perform everything from weekly grass cutting to fertilising, watering and mulching as needed. Perhaps you don't mind taking care of your lawn, but need someone to look after things while you're on holiday. If so, that's fine too, as our network of professionals are flexible enough to meet your needs, while also ensuring each job is done to your complete satisfaction.

Why Lawn Care is So Very Important

Your lawn is much like a red carpet around your home. It provides aesthetic beauty, and it also offers a soft, comfortable place to play, entertain, or relax. Caring for it is important because a failure to properly maintain your lawn can lead to bigger issues. Things like dead grass, erosion, and more can not only impact the way your home exterior looks, but it can also influence your overall comfort, too. Professional lawn care services go above and beyond simply mowing and trimming; they provide several services and advice that will help you get the most out of your lawn, no matter the size or shape.

Reasons to Consider Professional Lawn Care

There's more to lawn care than simply mowing and trimming. In fact, without the proper care, it's quite easy for weeds to take over. Although there are solutions that will kill weeds, these are often ineffective. What's more, if you purchase the wrong product, you may kill the grass, as well. Professional lawn care experts have the know-how and experience to bring your lawn back to life. Whether you have dead grass, weeds, or no grass at all, a local lawn care professional can help bring your vision to life.

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The Specifics of Lawn Care

Lawn care professionals focus primarily on grass and turf. Whereas Herefordshire gardeners and designers can help you build beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces, lawn care professionals trim your lawn and keep it healthy. This includes several different services.

  • Mowing - Rated professionals often use high-tech, commercial tools that will allow them to get the best, most professional-looking cut possible. They’re also familiar with different grass species, which means they’ll know just how short to cut.
  • Trimming and edging -Experts will also help with trimming grass and/or weeds away from the side of your home and around garden areas. Edging is the removal of grass and weeds from around pavement and other areas to create a distinct, beautiful “edge” around them.
  • Sowing, aerating, and fertilizing - Sowing is the act of planting grass seed to thicken a lawn or cover bare areas. Aerating is a service that typically goes together with sowing; it involves poking holes in the lawn so water, nutrients, and air can reach the roots. Finally, fertilizing is the act of providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Your chosen Herefordshire lawn care expert will choose a fertilizer best suited for the species of grass and the pH of the soil.
Herefordshire lawn care costs

Herefordshire Lawn Care Costs

Typical lawn care services will be based upon the size of garden and the type of services you desire. If you have especially thick grass, this could take longer to get through, which means that contractors might also charge extra. Repeat customers tend to receive lower rates over those who only use certain services on occasion, so you could save money by hiring someone to come on a regular basis.

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Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Homeowners often think that they are taking good care of their lawns if they are keeping them trimmed and watering them regularly. However, there may be cases where a lawn simply won’t grow green in particular spots or evidence of it being damaged by pests may become evident. In cases like these, you may need to enlist the help of lawn care professionals. They will ensure that your lawn is kept trimmed at the optimal length, while also providing it with sufficient watering and fertilisation if and when required.

Your Herefordshire Lawn Care Questions Answered

Basic lawn care is usually fairly simple. Cutting your lawn should be done as needed. Trimming the edges and places that cannot be cut using the lawn mower should be done at the same time.

Usually, if you fertilize your lawn, it should be done quarterly. Early and late Spring fertilizations help grass bounce back from winter cold. Fertilizing in the Summer time helps protect your grass from the heat and insects that the season brings, and fertilizing in the Autumn helps to prepare the lawn for Winter.

The price of a lawn care service will depend on the size of your lawn. They can vary from £30-120 per month, but the price can go up if there are a number of things that need to be handled.

Lawn care services will generally take care of mowing, trimming, and some other landscaping techniques. Anything above and beyond that will usually either cost more, or will have to be handed by a landscape artist.

You should take care not to cut your grass shorter than 5 centimetres. Doing so could damage the blades and leave you with a brown, wilted lawn. You should cut your Herefordshire grass when it is approximately 7.5 centimetres high.

Lawn care experts can plant grass seed, apply weed removal products, mow and trim your grass, and define edges with special tools. When you choose the right lawn care professional, you'll also get expert advice to help you keep your lawn looking its best.

Of course! If you’re familiar with seeding, aerating, fertilizing, mowing, and trimming, and you feel comfortable in doing so, there’s no reason why you can’t simply care for your own lawn. However, if you notice bare or brown areas in your lawn a lawn care professional can help improve its eye appeal and overall health. They're also great if you are short on free time!

This depends on several factors, including the current species of grass planted in your lawn, the pH of the soil, and the concentration of minerals and nutrients in the soil. A lawn specialist can help you determine the absolute best products to use on your lawn.

Yes. When discussing pricing with the experts on our network, it is important to find out exactly what will be included in the cost of their services as well. For example, while one company may rake up trimmings afterwards, another may not – or they may charge additionally to do so.

The regularity at which you should hire professional Herefordshire lawn care companies will vary depending on the current condition of your lawn, how often you would like it cut and which time of the year it is.

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Sample Requests For Lawn Services

19 Jun Mowing and Maintenance

We would like some help managing our gardens on a regular basis. We're happy to prune and trim a little but need help with the mowing and maintenance of larger items such as the lawn.

19 Jun Weekly Care

Please provide us with free quotes for the care of our lawns on a weekly basis. We simply don't have the time to keep on top of them anymore.

19 Jun Lawn Restoration

I would like some help in trying to restore my lawn to peak condition. We recently moved and the lawn is badly scorched in numerous places, plus there appears to be a beetle infestation in places. Please arrange free quotes to treat the lawn.

18 Jun Patchy Lawn

We are looking for someone to help us rectify the problems with our lawn. It is incredibly patchy and almost looks burnt, however feed and even new seed haven't solved the lawn. Please get in touch so we can arrange some free quotes.