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Sitting in the garden gazing out at the beauty of nature may bring to notice some trees that look like they are sagging under their own weight. Crown lifting Herefordshire is a technique that may be used on such trees to reduce their weight and make them appear alive and healthy again. Lifting the crown of the tree is accomplished by cutting off the lower branches, but it is not as simple as it may seem.

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When to Employ Crown Lifting

Removing the lowest branches, particularly those that have no leaves due to lack of sunlight, is the best way to reduce weight and lift the crown of the tree. However, a skilled Herefordshire crown lifting professional will know not to remove large branches growing directly from the tree’s trunk as this can leave large wounds that can cause decay which will threaten the stability of the entire tree. Additionally, complete removal of branches on older trees should be avoided or restricted to shortening of branches rather than total removal, because older trees can be more stressed by standard crown lifting techniques. A trained tree specialist will know which technique to use on which trees.

Protecting Your Herefordshire Home

Because crown lifting involves removing limbs and branches below the crown to create a higher canopy, this technique is often employed as a means of protection Herefordshire homes. For example, as a tree grows, limbs and branches can brush up against your home. As they move and sway in the wind - especially during significant weather events - they can damage your home’s exterior or even sweep shingles right off your roof. Crown lifting can help to remove any limbs or branches that can (or that will) come into contact with your home, thus helping to negate the odds of damage.

What About Aesthetics?

Many home and property owners worry that crown lifting will make their trees look unhealthy or even odd. However, when crown lifting is done properly, your tree should have no unnatural-looking bare spots. You can think of crown lifting as a thinning process that will help your tree grow. It may look a little sparser than before the lift, but this will quickly fill back in as the remaining branches regain their shape.

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Herefordshire crown lifting costs

Herefordshire Crown Lifting Costs

Crown lifting poses less danger for the tree specialist as it involves the lowest branches rather than those on the top of the tree. As with any job, the costs may vary depending upon the complexity of the job, the time it will take and the size and number of trees that need to have crowns lifted. Typically a Herefordshire crown lifting job can be completed in one day, but customers will be informed if the job is complex enough to require multiple days. Tree crown lifting specialists may perform free evaluations as sometimes original quotes do not take into account specific complications that may vary with each tree. An expert will treat each tree with the special care it deserves.

Why Bother with Lifting Tree Crowns?

It is important for the health of the trees and the safety of the community to have tree crowns lifted in some circumstances. Trees with branches that hang too low may become hazards for pedestrians walking by or vehicles passing through. The lower branches can become weak due to lack of sunlight and may break off and fall causing injury to people and damage to cars. Crown lifting Herefordshire specialists may need to be called in on construction sites to work on trees that are blocking building clearance or hindering lines of sight. Additionally, the overall health of the tree may be improved through the use of Herefordshire crown lifting techniques by a competent tree specialist.

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Herefordshire crown lifting information

Details are Important

It is vital that a crown lifting Herefordshire specialist only lift a tree a maximum of 66% of its total height in order to maintain good health and encourage the tree to flourish. After a crown lifting process is completed, the remaining crown should be at least 2/3 of the total height of the tree. The process brings more light to the lower part of the trunk, appears to extend the trunk of the tree and improves the tree’s overall health. It is best to engage the services of trained professionals who are fully insured and educated in safety standards for crown lifting jobs.

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Improving the Health of Your Entire Garden

Very large trees often have very large crowns. While these crowns are certainly beautiful and provide ample shade, they can also hinder the growth of other species of plants. Many of the beautiful flowers that can grow during the warmer months require plenty of sunlight, and if a tree in your hard has a very thick and low crown, those flowers won’t get the sunlight they need. This means that crown lifting can improve the environment in your entire garden space, making it possible to grow a variety of enjoyable species.

DIY crown lifting is not recommended

Why Not DIY?

The crown lifting process may sound easy as if lopping off low branches is all that is needed; however, it is more complicated than that. Removing excessive numbers of lower branches may displace the weight of the tree’s canopy making it top heavy, putting it under stress and increasing the chances of the tree falling in a heavy storm. A trained specialist will know which branches to remove and when to leave smaller branches on the lower part of the tree to encourage healthy growth.

Your Herefordshire crown lifting questions answered

Crown lifting involves removing select branches near the bottom of a tree in order to "lift" its canopy or crown.

Crown lifting can help prevent disease and storm damage, and also allows for better airflow to the remaining branches.

The cost of crown lifting will vary depending on the branches that need to be removed. In general, a licensed and trained tree surgeon will charge starting at £300 and may go up from there.

Not at all. Crown lifting is done to keep the branches from impeding the passage of people beneath the trees, but it is done with the tree's heath in mind. It's is done in such a way that the tree is not damaged and new growth is encouraged.

Tree crown lifting involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide more space underneath it. This might be needed if people regularly walk, drive, or park underneath a particular specimen.

Absolutely. Crown lifting is designed to promote safety and tree health, so removing lower branches can benefit your neighbours in many of the same ways it benefits you. It’ll allow them to enjoy more diverse flora, and it’ll also prevent falling limbs and branches that could cause damage to person or property.

No, and this is one of the primary reasons - other than safety - why you should contact an experienced professional. Some species require a thick canopy and lots of branches to maintain a healthy root system, and still others may grow top-heavy if the crown is lifted too high.

The DIY approach is not normally recommended. Not only do you risk injuring yourself with falling branches; you may not know how to correctly remove the lower branches from a tree, which could result in it becoming damaged. Our experienced network of specialists will be able to perform this task quickly and efficiently.

This will depend on the amount of trees that need to have their crowns lifted, the types of trees you have and how many branches will need to be removed from each of them.

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